Men’s Medieval Armor Lace Up Arm Warmers Viking Pirate Knight Armband Steampunk Accessories


Medieval gauntlets, made of stamped leather. The eyelets are well set and made of high quality metal alloy, corrosion resistant with a cool punk look.

Each leather arm is soft enough to be comfortable and stiff enough to maintain shape. Leather gauntlet bracelets with adjustable ropes.

This style is suitable for daily wear as a bracelet, not only for men, but also for children and women.

These pu leather bracelets inspired by the Viking and Celtic cultures. The side lace-up design is easy to control and helps the leather bracelet fit most people’s arms. Great addition to your medieval outfit, The leather bracelets are added for a little more epicness to your cosplay.

This gauntlet bracelet is a perfect accessory for Viking parties, teen/adult cosplay, All Saints Eve, Halloween, fancy looks, Cossack costumes, nativity scenes and historical reenactments.


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